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Spotlight: Macgregor Forsyth Interior Design

Macgregor Forsyth Interior Design has been an industry leader in innovative and progressive interior design since 1995. Their portfolio comprises corporate, retail, hospitality and commercial projects.

“We pride ourselves in providing our clients with tailored turn-key solutions, designed to seamlessly integrate with their corporate identity and vision.” The exclusivity of their local and international client base has solidified the company’s position in the industry, which has, in turn, secured their reputation. “We strive to always provide our clients with superlative solutions for their interior spaces, whilst establishing a balance between design, functionality and aesthetics.” As specialists in concept design, the Macgregor Forsyth team begin each new project by facilitating the appraisal and definition of the job. They conduct a site survey of each area and thereafter convert such findings into an electronic format. They will happily carry out consultations with clients, landlords, mall management, council as well as engineers to ensure that the program, identity and image requirements are adhered to. Their presentations include proposed floor plans, 3D perspectives and a mood board. Once appointed, the team of dedicated designers will attend to construction drawings, furniture layouts, building, electrical, ceiling and lighting plans, and specialised finishes (with specifications). The team will also compile and issue all contractors with a Scope of Works. They have the infrastructure to facilitate the necessary tender processes (including briefing of contractors), a compilation of project budget costing, procurement, time management, site supervision, final snagging and council submissions. Meet the team – each bringing their own unique perspective and expertise to the company to offer the very best in terms of superior interior design and relates services:




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