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Invermark House by OKHA

Discover a new design project, Invermark House by OKHA, a symphony of masculine, and feminine Ying & Yang.

Located in the heart of Cape Town’s Higgovale, at the foot of Table Mountain, Invermark is a bold, concrete structure paradoxically in symbiosis with its lush organic surroundings. The home, designed by Kritzinger Architects with interiors by OKHA Design Studio, both internationally recognized for their design excellence, embarked on a journey to transform an existing structure into a contemporary haven that captures the essence of modern living.

Inspired by the iconic Stahl House, famous for its cantilevered structure and panoramic views, the architects aimed for lightness & openness, executed through authentic materials.

Internally, OKHA, Creative Director, Adam Court, creates a texturally shaded world. Here furniture and art become an eloquent narrator telling a tale of personal expression through form, material and tone. The masterfully crafted furniture pieces play with luminance and shadow. It thus creates an alluring story of curvaceous sensuality and geometric masculinity.

Each furniture item emerges as an essential note in an artistic dialogue. This amplifies the space’s visual yin yang / masculine / feminine narrative. Clean, linear designs dramatically punctuate the natural backdrop, forging a provocative visual dialogue. This connects the interior with its majestic surroundings. The intricate weaving of yin and yang, is skilfully brought to life through curated detailing of texture, tone, light and shadow play resulting in a harmonizing with the opposing force.

A curated collection of contemporary South African art was selected. Each was chosen for its distinctive style, sharing a common monochromatic thread utilizing varied techniques and materiality. Architecture, art, furniture, décor and external landscape merge and layer as one sensorial canvas. The result is a unified experience unique to Invermark.

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