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DDL: Keep It Timeless With These Top Interior Tips

Creating a timeless interior is all about an investment in the longevity of your space. Timeless designs do not pass away like fading trends. Instead, a timeless look keeps it classic – one which you’ll keep coming back to for more. Here are a few easy ways to achieve the look in your own home…

Space Planning

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating a space, consider the floor plan carefully. Space planning is an essential part of the design process and may help you achieve that timeless look you’re after. Gone are the days of blocked off rooms. Timeless designs now call for open plan living spaces. Here you can incorporate a kitchen, dining and living area into one open plan. This means easier sightlines from one space to the next and better flow for yourself and your family.

Choose a Classic Decor Style

Interior trends often come and go, but if you’re after a timeless aesthetic, you’ll want to consider a classic design scheme. Enhance your home’s existing architecture with a focus on mouldings, skirting and interesting architectural features. Give emphasis to those timeless features that will give your home character and soul. Design around these all-important features to enhance a classic look.

Keep it neutral

Neutral colours often stand the test of time. Bold, bright, or trendy colours may change from season to season. So, when painting a room, go for a neutral shade for the walls and major finishes or furniture pieces. Introduce trendy tones in subtler ways such as scatters, rugs and accents which are seasonal.

Mix old and new

Modern furniture trends may be eye-catching, but classic choices often stand the test of time. If possible, invest in solid, quality furniture that may become family heirlooms. These pieces, by nature, are often timeless and will add a sense of purpose and grandeur to a room. By mixing old with new, you’ll give your space room to flourish without committing to a modern aesthetic that may be a temporary fad.

Need help creating a timeless interior you’ll love for years to come? We always recommend consulting with professionals for a full-service décor and design service. Contact DDL to schedule a private consultation or visit the website HERE. 


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