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How to Select The Best Window Treatments with Deborah Garth Interior Design

Window treatments can make or break a room. Period. If there is any component in interior design that is treated with the utmost respect by Deborah Garth Interior Design, it is the choice of window coverings. Window treatments are seen as elements which enhance the aesthetics of the window and the room. The power it carries, should never be underestimated.

When selecting window treatments there are quite a few important aspects that should be looked at before investing in this crucial tool.

Here are some questions to ask right at the start:

  • What ambience do you want to create in the room?
  • Are there other elements that you want to compliment with the addition of window treatments?
  • Should it block light and if so, how much and at what times of the day or night?
  • Should it create privacy?
  • Should it be the same throughout the house or office?
  • Can you layer different kinds of window treatments?
  • Should it stand out as a feature or be a balanced, neutral “pull-it-all-together-element”?
  • Should it be a temporary solution or something that will outlast several coming and going trends?
  • Can it be an expensive option that is seen as a value-adding fixture to the home / office?

Readymade window treatments can be bought everywhere today and this includes all kinds from curtains to blinds and shutters and more. There is just nothing that looks as good as custom made window treatments.

It is important to consider not only the purpose and function of the coverings you choose but also how it will enhance and compliment the space it is in. Window treatments have the wonderful ability to create mood, to enhance shape, size and form of a space.

Deborah specialises in space design. This means that she is always on the lookout for ways in which a space can optimally be used and enjoyed. She also really loves adding value to the property, especially long term value. That is why she looks at window treatments that can make the most of the available space.

Call her today to get expert advice on the best window treatments for your space.

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