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Designing Boutique Hotels with WMI

Have you ever wondered what goes into the design of a boutique hotel? Well, unlike residential spaces, boutique hotels need to follow a few different guidelines to please more than just one household. Here, luxury, style and individuality are key to offer the very best experience to guests. 

Here are a few top considerations when designing a boutique hotel…

Tell A Story

Boutique hotels often tell a story through design. A few key elements are thread into the overall look of the hotel, from the foyer to the public areas and private rooms. Things like colour, materials and even a central theme should be considered to give the entire hotel a streamlined and cohesive look.

Let’s talk unique selling points for a moment… Another factor that can be communicated through the design of a hotel, is the building’s history and location. Boutique hotels can use this information to weave together a story that is completely unique and personalized to their property. Details from a building’s previous life can therefore help to construct a distinct theme and will provide historic interest. If you’re looking for personal flair, then this is a unique selling point in the hospitality industry.

Focus on Luxury

Visitors to boutique hotels expect to be wowed. Add allure through luxurious finishes and furniture. Bigger is better. Oversized chandeliers can set the tone in a grand foyer. Bold lighting, art, accents and more can work together to create a high-end luxe ambience. In a hotel, there is plenty of room to play around with textures and colours to create a dreamy and inspired setting.

Custom is King

Create a high-end designer look with customised furnishings. Invest in items and finishes that are distinct, one-of-a-kind pieces that add to the visual interest of the hotel. It’s all about attention to detail in order to achieve designer status. Custom furniture also helps to continue a streamlined look from one room to the next. Things like cabinetry, beds, pedestals etc. These can thus be custom designed to suit the theme and will provide balance from one space to the next.

Why a designer is important…

In the design of a boutique hotel, nothing can be left to chance. It is all about the finer details that need to work together to complement the whole. This is why it is important to get the right team to bring the vision to life. Experience is essential when working on large-scale projects such as a boutique hotel. This level of detail demands a professional team that can execute the plan well. Things like budget, space planning, design and luxury are key factors that cannot be overlooked.

Wanda-Michelle Interiors (WMI) is in the business of creating beautiful spaces – both in the residential and hospitality industries. With a team of seasoned designers, you can rest assure that your hospitality space will be set apart with a charmed WMI touch. Let your space talk to guests and tell the full story of your brand by design. Furthermore, the team’s extensive experience and keen eye for detail has resulted in a solid reputation built around a business that represents savvy design, innovative thinking and tailor-made brilliance.

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