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Designers Christian Louboutin and Pierro Yovanovitch

Honouring women from history and popular culture, designers Christian Louboutin and Pierro Yovanovitch have joined creative forces to create a distinct series of chairs that celebrate feminine beauty and mystique.

Drawing on their haute couture and design experience, the duo “looked at their muses from mythology, history and film as the capsule collection’s starting point,” creating several chairs with unique legs that are shaped like elegantly curved feet, some in beautifully designed shoes, complete with a signature red Louboutin sole.

For the chair designs, designer Louboutin used Yonanovitch’s Clam chair as the basis. The pair then enlisted the help of expert artisans like Maisons Vermont, Lesage Interieurs and Atelier Montex, Atelier Jouffre and Hugo Delavelle, MM7, Solyfonte, Alm Decogold work and Audrey Ludwig for embroidery, gold work, upholstery, leatherwork and furniture artistry.

Together they created 13 elegant chairs, Louboutin designing the legs and feet of each as extensions of his shoe designs. There are nine limited-edition designs inspired by iconic female figures and five others an extension of Louboutin’s iconic Simply Nude collection. The latter are monochromatic designs, each finished in a different skin tone, ranging from light ivory to chocolate brown. 

“My work is about celebrating women since day one, to give them tools of empowerment,” says Louboutin.

“’The figures that inspire me are all very strong characters. Women with distinct personalities reflected in their actions, stance, or attire, left their mark on their era. While they are all different, the women are complimentary at the same time. Nefertari, the wife of Pharaoh Ramses II, exerted significant influence over him, so much so that she was one of the few queens to be deified. Josefina’s joy and open-mindedness illuminated the 20th century with her presence. Zenobia attracted many artists and philosophers to the Palmyrene Empire of Syria, turning it into a rich cultural hub.”

Made from dark mahogany-stained oak with an embroidered seat and leather fringe legs with beaded feet, the Josefina pays homage to Josephine Baker. The Nefertari with its patinated oak frame, papyrus and lotus-inspired designs and bronze heels was designed with Nefertiti in mind. There’s also a curvy black design with feet shaped like intricate silver platform heels named Dita, inspired by Louboutin’s friend Dita von Teese.

“This collection is as much of an homage to French savoir-faire as it is to feminine beauty,” adds Pierre Yovanovitch. 

“As a close friend and respected visionary, it was a dream to be able to collaborate with Christian on this project. Drawing from our shared affinity for haute-couture artisanry, we enlisted a roster of classically trained artists to meticulously bring these diverse female characters to life. The result is an imaginative ode to women as told through French craftsmanship.”

The collection is on view at Pierre Yovanovitch’s New York Gallery until 24 May 2024.




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