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Deborah Garth: A Fusion of African Art with European Design

A common misconception about design is that it can only be fused with art that falls into the same category. The truth is that the art in design lays in the ability to bring together concepts that may stand opposite each other.

With award-winning interior designer, Deborah Garth, a recent quest arose to marry African art that was close to the client’s heart with European Design that was the star of the day. All of this needed to be done without playing any of the individual components down, but rather presenting it in such a way that each element still spoke its own language. The end result was an eclectic fusion of many individual features with the ability to stand strong on its own and because of the careful consideration of colour, size, emotion and warmth, would compliment each other perfectly. In the designed layout, an overall bright atmosphere dominates the space and, consequently, the use of magnificent soft grey and white marble flooring lends a timeless classiness that anchors the lightness of the space. The high shine of polished tiles stands in stark contrast to the rest of the elements that boast a soft sheen. The femininity and softness flowing from a gorgeous mural very much compliment the warmth of the natural table top as well as the softness of the colour and leather used on the chairs. The table base too is an exceptional focal point; bright orange-red in colour and bold in architectural design. The vibrant colour energises as much as the masculine abstractness of the structure. Besides every individual component being a piece of art on its own, the table base is on the opposite end of where we would categorize the mural art. Opposites attract and in this case it works perfectly creating flawless harmony. Deborah Garth explains: “What we were able to create here is a space that speaks of bold modern vogue but at the same time whispers soft thoughts of calm and collectedness. It is the perfect fusion of high-end European design fused with the simplicity of compassionate African art.” Contact: Deborah Garth 

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