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DDL: Declutter Your Home With These 5 Stylish Ideas

“Less is more”. How many times have we heard this motto? But who knew that applying this famous architectural design principle to interior décor could be a very classy choice… We asked the professionals from DDL to share their top 5 ideas for a more streamlined home!

Luxury furniture pieces and a professionally designed space will never look good if your home is full of clutter. Whether it’s a pile of papers you brought home from the office, or a junk drawer full of batteries, clutter is bound to get in the way of a beautiful home.

Removing redundancy, being essential and opting for minimalism are the first three essential rules to follow in decluttering your life, but here are 5 more tips to help you get your home in order:

Spring Clean Every Season
The key to an elegant lifestyle starts with regular cleaning. Go through every closet, kitchen cabinet, and desk drawer; pull stuff out from under the bed, from storage boxes, and any other hidden spot in your house. If this is the first time you are going through the decluttering exercise, it might be hard to make these choices. However, you have to keep going. The results are worth it!

The Rule of Three
In home décor, the more space you give each object, the more it will stand out. But in the process of decluttering, it can be tempting to go for a completely bare, minimalist design scheme. Grouping similar objects in clusters of three will naturally create symmetry in your home, and will help you strike the perfect balance.

When purchasing items of furniture, try to look for items that come with a built-in storage system. Be it a couch, an ottoman, or a bench – invest in finding a piece of furniture that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Open storage is another great way to declutter your home. But you’d be hard pressed to find a way to tastefully show off a drawer full of batteries, or any other necessary knick-knacks that are best kept hidden. So when trying to declutter your home, consider an even mix of open storage and closed storage options.

Basket Case
Baskets come in every size, shape, material and colour imaginable, so you can always find the right fix for your storage woes. They’re the ultimate multi-taskers, serving as pot-plant holders, pantry organisers, toy boxes, linen baskets, shoe storage and more. If you’re looking for ways to corral blankets, pillows, or anything else in your home, then consider adding a few wicker baskets around the home. Place them at the foot of your bed, and next to sofas around the home, for a chic way to organise any and all pillows and blankets.

A Step Up
Add a third dimension to your storage solution with a few ladders. Wooden steps make wonderful furniture pieces, cloth racks, pot racks, shelves and frames for small indoor plants or picture displays. Rustic wooden ladders become unique and stylish room decor accessories when combined with modern interior decorating ideas and creative designs.

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