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DDL: 5 Tips To Help Your Turn A House Into A Home

When you first move into an empty shell of a house, it’s difficult to envision the space in its entirety. However, with some love, a positive attitude, and a few ideal finds, you can create a home that your family will love. Here are five essentials to help you turn a house into a home…

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Make it your own

The most important way to bring character and charm into your home is to make it your own. Put your stamp on the place with pieces and colours and interesting decor that speaks to your style and personality. Art is another great subjective addition to a home. Your choice of artwork will infuse life and character into the home. Furthermore, this will give your house some flavour and in turn, will help you fall in love with it as you fill it with your favourite things.

Cosy it up

Sometimes a room may feel underwhelming and in need of some TLC. If your room feels bland, perhaps it’s time to up the cosiness factor. Upholstery and soft furnishings are great additions to soften a space and bring cosiness to your home. Rugs, throws, and scatter cushions bring a tactile element into your space and can help to create added comfort.

Include storage

Storage may not be the first thing on your mind when decorating, but it can make or break the flow and function of your entire home. Inadequate storage can indirectly result in your family gathering clutter with nowhere to go. This can create disorder and hamper the look of your interior. Avoid this altogether by investing in ample storage for every room.

Bring the outdoors in

Bring a dose of nature indoors to soften up your interior and turn it into a home. Indoor greenery, plants, wooden elements and more can welcome nature into your favourite space. This is also a great way to introduce organic textures, prints, patterns and colours to add vibrancy and freshness to every room.

Personalise your home

Add some of your favourite things to add character to your home. Create a gallery wall with portraits or family photographs or create a display with your favourite collectables to let your personality shine through. Either way, your home should be a place where you feel safe and loved. Create spaces that will protect and nurture this feeling and in turn, transform a bland house with four walls into a special place you call home!

Sometimes all you need is a professional to offer you the advice and input needed to transform your home into a beautiful space you can be proud of. DDL Design and Decor Lab are a full turnkey Interior Decorating, Designing and Bespoke Manufacturing company. Their aim is to create inspiring interiors that are both elegant and functional.

If in doubt, contact their team to help you bring your design dreams to life.

DDL Design and Decor Lab.


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