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Clay Brick: How To Change Your Home With Brick

Brick is a timeless material that can add character, colour and texture to any building. The same is true for your home, and if you’re looking to create a cosy, welcoming ambience, then clay brick may just be your solution!

Photographs: Filip Dujardin

There are hundreds of interior projects where you can play around with brick walls and create some charm in the home. This is one of the few materials that doesn’t date and will stay on trend for years to come. In fact, brick looks equally good inside as it does outside the home. And you can safely use it in almost any room, from the kitchen to the bathroom, bedroom and even living room. A brick feature wall makes a true statement and adds warmth and character to any space.

Unlike wallpaper or paint, bricks also offer a wonderful textural design feature in a space. There are also various colourways with brick that you can use. From lighter greys to traditional red bricks, you can create a custom look with the right mix.

Urban Chic

Brick is a wonderful addition to an urban chic or industrial interior. Pair it will glass and metal or aluminium finishes and you can transform your room into an urban retreat. The addition of raw brick with other raw materials brings rustic charm that also has a wonderful modern industrial feel.

Old, loft-style buildings are also contemporary and often incorporates brick as a design staple in these older builds. If this is a style you love, then you can also achieve the look with even just one feature wall in raw and textured brick in your home!

Furthermore, clay brick is both natural and sustainable – a great choice when considering the impact you are making on the environment. Additionally, clay brick is extremely durable and you won’t be disappointed. Brick masonry does not rot, tarnish, puncture, fade, rust, scuff, peel, erode or burn. The average clay brick structure can last over 100 years, and there are numerous brick buildings older than 500 years. The Bell Tower at the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town – South Africa’s oldest building – has braved the Cape of Storms since 1684 .

An international project

Take a look at this project Dusseldorf by AABE Bruno Erpicum & Partners. It combines bricks, concrete, glossy and matt white surfaces. The artist’s design highlights the existing brickwork that supports the flagstone roof; here again the wear inflicted over time is openly displayed. The architecture unpretentiously magnifies the materials. The kitchen is arranged in the exterior deambulatory. The bedroom is housed in a “white box” that has been perfected with the utmost care. The gloss painted furniture designed by architect Bruno Erpicum reflects the structural elements.

© Jean-Luc Laloux / Dusseldorf by AABE Bruno Erpicum & Partners

Brick walls certainly fit any interior design. Therefore, you can give each room a new look with brick as a showstopping feature. With a range of colours and surfaces to play with, you have unlimited creativity to make your space unique and special.

The Clay Brick Association represents the clay brick and paver manufacturers of Southern Africa. This organisation aims to educate on sustainable production and energy-efficient building design.

For more visit Clay Brick.

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