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Linken Designs: Bringing Style and Comfort to the Kitchen

We are saying goodbye to the proverbial all-white kitchen trend and hello to bright colours and rich tones in the kitchen this season. Linken Designs show us how to achieve this new trend and how a clever use of colours is the way to go in 2019 and beyond!

A Bold Choice

Add colour and spunk to your stylish kitchen. Here’s how… think about incorporating a clever mix of materials, high end appliances, a range of fabrics and colourful accessories to accentuate the space. These licking Linken Designs’ kitchen concepts show us that you can never go wrong by being bold in your kitchen!

Firstly, lets start off with a gorgeous island that will serve as the centerpiece of the kitchen and the place to wine and dine in the heart of your home. The addition of Red Velvet chairs in this space (see bottom image) adds a little luxury and colour. With beautiful rose gold legs, these beauts add a more luxurious touch to the space.

Miele appliances alongside gloss wooden cabinets make the use of the kitchen a clean and seamless experience. There is no room for any clutter in the space. Technical lighting is carefully positioned to light up the areas of most importance with it being mindful of evening preparations. Marble counter tops give this kitchen a rich feel in a kitchen that isn’t huge by any means.

It is worth noting that having a clear style for your kitchen usually sets the tone for the rest of your home as it is important to create a feeling in your home that each room completes the other as one flows through the spaces. This design language ensures that you are making sure to use all the opportunities you have in your home to express your personality and character for a warm and inviting interior.

Your kitchen does not have to feel sterile, all white and cold, as this design demonstrates a unique approach that offers a warmer, functional and luxury design feel that will surely still bring added value to the overall home if one may look to sell in future.

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