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The Tiny House Trend – Modern Prefab Blockhouse Homes

The tiny house trend has taken off in a big way around the world. The idea that a small home can offer you all the comforts of a bigger abode, without the heavy maintenance costs, means that an entire new world of new designs and capabilities is right on our doorsteps. Contemporary prefab and modular homes are making a statement and impacting the way we view modern living today.

Simple, efficient and fast

The true beauty about designing and living in a modular home is that the entire unit can be assembled off-site at a factory, transported in parts, and then assembled at the final site. This often means that buyers can purchase a new home and get the end result faster and cheaper.  With rising costs in the industry, this is often good news to many home buyers looking to create their own special retreats.


The benefits of a modular home

Costs – Requiring a lot less funds to build a modular home as opposed to a regular, bigger home, prefab homes are a cost effective solution, especially for first-time buyers and those looking for unique living designs and capabilities. Tip: Use a company with a factory closest to you to avoid extensive travel costs to get your new prefab module to the site. This will further limit your spending so you can make the most of this new investment.

Mobility – Although most modular homes are built into a permanent position, some design capabilities make this a great option as a portable residence on a trailer, so you can simply move it from one place to another as you require.

Quick turnaround time – Regular builds can take months of planning, design and building on site. As modular homes are smaller and can be assembled offsite, the process is faster and results in a quick turnaround time to receive the end result.

Fast installation – Now you do not have to wait an extended period to move into a fully kitted home. Locally, companies such as Blockhouse create beautiful prefabricated modules that are built at the factory and delivered to site for installation in a day.

Eco-Living – Modular homes often have a lower impact on the environment in which they are placed. Blockhouse prefabricated modules have been approved by various nature and eco developments. With various specifications and designs on offer, Blockhouse Homes provides innovation with a wide variety of styles. Here you can choose from a villa, lodge, mono or bungalow design to suit your needs. Be sure to visit them online to find out more about their offerings and the latest in the tiny house trend.

Discover more at Blockhouse Designs.

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  1. Corrie Minnaar

    December 5, 2020

    Price per unit please?


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