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Step Inside The Barn By SA-Born British Designer Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen is a South African born, British interior designer, author, and proprietor of Kelly Hoppen Interiors. Her latest creation, known as ‘The Barn’ is modern eclectic. It’s a space carved out for herself and can be described as balanced, proportional, comfortable, and versatile.

Kelly’s ever-evolving style, defined by a subtle fusion of clean lines and neutral tones and intuitively balanced with an opulent warmth, has been honoured with numerous prestigious awards and accolades.

During the pandemic, with most people spending more time at home, it became evident that homes need to serve multi-functional purposes. This is why Kelly designed her own home, The Barn, with multi-functionality in mind.

Due to the original structure of the estate, the spaces were already quite large and versatile. Just like Kelly Hoppen aimed. For instance, the front yard is simultaneously a home gym, a hallway and a chill out space. Clever planning means that each space can be used in different ways.

A beautiful spiral staircase is certainly the main attraction in the centre of this home. A beautiful juxtaposition of wood and metal make it a statement piece here. It’s both modern and rustic and fits into the aesthetic wonderfully.

Kelly designs an eclectic temple where East and West meet. Old and new. Rustic and modern. City and country. We love the use of wooden beams throughout which give the home added warmth. Light, neutral colours create a modern ambience, and soft textures add a cosiness.

Therefore, the outdoor area was designed in collaboration with acclaimed landscape designer Stephen Woodhams. Hoppen and Woodhams designed the garden to feel like an extension of the interior of the house. It’s a great addition to the home. For instance,  Kelly can simultaneously cook in the kitchen while purveying the landscape outside.


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