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Palm Suite: A Luxury Hideaway In Rome

Palm Suite is a luxury hideaway near the Coliseum in Rome realized by architect Giorgia Dennerlein.

Giorgia Dennerlein, in collaboration with her company Loto Ad Project, has redesigned the Palm Suite, a new 5-star boutique hotel belonging to the Manfredi Fine Hotel Group, which has just recently won the award of “Luxury Hotel”.

Giorgia Dennerlein has put her name to the renovation of the suites of a hotel which was recently turned into a luxury hotel for tourists. They can be found in a building dating back to the 1700s in Rome, at the foot of the Imperial Forum, looking out onto the Basilica di Massenzio and the Colosseum. The building of 2,000m2, situated on two floors, holds 12 suites, each of 80m2.

The Leitmotif of the project, which all the suites have in common, is the palm tree. This tree was present in Rome as far back as the Suetonius era, becoming a fashionable plant by the end of the 1800s. Later on, during the colonial period of the Fascist era, Italy was fond of using African style decorations, to remind people of its pomp and conquests.

A Symbol of Rome

“Palm trees are a familiar sight to whoever lives in the capital, like water fountains and cobblestones. They belong in our urban views, from Piazza Cavour to Villa Celimontana, from the Spanish Steps to Colle Oppio, and as far as the Roman Forum. We could even say that the tree is the symbol of Rome” claims the architect Giorgia Dennerlein, who was inspired by this exotic, colonial spirit for her project.

On this ancient building, characterised by a wooden vaulted ceiling and open brick, we can see the light restoration work with emphasis on colour.

Bright and Exotic

The wooden fishbone flooring, creates a background for the cloudy grey walls, using natural colours, which will tarnish in time. The doors and the frames are lacquered pearly grey, to make them brighter.

For the furnishings, natural fabrics and African designs on cotton are combined with polypropylene textile fibres, woven by hand. Bright colours and exotic patterns predominate in all the upholstering, especially on the padded headboard, which was designed by Loto Ad project, using cane and decorated with palms and flowers. The palm tree is featured once again in the wallpaper, as well as the lamp shades to bring together the theme of the project.

The bathroom walls have been covered in tatami mats in synthetic fibres and a strip of mirrors create a frame around them. The floral and palm tree theme enhances the link between the interior and the exterior walls overlooking the gardens of the Forum, almost creating a natural and spontaneous indoor – outdoor.

Imperial Rome

In the entrance to the building, on the staircase and hallway, yellow and hazelnut travertine has been used. This creates a palette of colours which blend both the exotic and colonial with shades from the era of Imperial Rome.

The Imperial Rome theme is also emphasised with the Roman busts in the hallway, which create a minimalistic and refined “museum” style. Externally there is a small square with a lounge area, in which palm trees once again continue the theme of the suites, emphasising the entrance to the building.


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