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Luxury Living: An Earthy Moscow Apartment By Covet House

This luxurious apartment in Moscow boasts beautiful earthy tones and exquisite finishes, designed by Studio 54 with Covet House.

It is all about opulence and luxury in this phenomenal apartment. A blend of materials adds to the sense of luxury living in every room. Wood, marble, glass, upholstery and more work together to create this dreamy interior.

A magnificent living space

The living room is bold in luxe finishes. Here, Studia-54 built a slatted wall of natural wood to mask the column behind it and supplemented the composition with a brass rack with wooden inserts to create symmetry. The relaxing area of the room consists of a modern sofa by the Italian brand “B&B”. This bright accent brings sophistication and warmth to the strict forms of the whole living room interior design.


The light-coloured floor and ceiling contrast with the many warm details of natural wood to make the room feel harmonious and complete. The standout pieces from this Moscow Apartments‘ living room are a luxury chandelier and velvet-upholstered sofas.

The bedrooms

The sleeping areas are equally magical – a retreat in this splendid residence. Here dramatic finishes include dark walls and statement lighting. The bed is the winning feature here – centrally positioned underneath a bold chandelier.

Offering a unique method of working with the client and providing a high-class service, Studio 54 always aim to meet the aesthetic needs of customers. They take care of all worries and provide an opportunity for clients and homes to be on trend, making your life better and more beautiful.

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