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Designing a new Champagne Bar for the Lady in the house

An entertainer’s dream, today’s home features custom bar spaces and something extra special for the lady of the house. If you’re designing your dream home, and it includes a champagne bar, then pay attention…  

Audi Snyman  Interior Designer and The Wine Room takes us inside for an inspiring journey

 Tell us about the brief

My client wanted to have multiple, custom bar spaces and a wine cellar within their home, and this included an exclusive ladies bar. The lady of the house wanted a feminine inspired space – specifically a Champagne Bar (her drink of choice) that would be reserved for celebratory occasions or when she was hosting friends, rather than on a daily basis.

When it comes to niche entertainment or leisure spaces within the home (such as a bar, spa or a cinema) I always go straight to the experts –that is where you will get the best advice and most value. In this case, I knew I had to engage a supplier that specialised in bars and wine cellars, as well as in the display and storage of premium wine, spirits and in this case champagne. I had met Lauren from The Wine Room at Decorex in Johannesburg and had been impressed with their innovative and beautiful displays, and after a few conversations I was confident they would seamlessly combine aesthetics with functionality.

What about the colour scheme and how that impacts the design?

This is a special place for ladies so we included soft, rich colours and warm textures, and added some sparkle through the addition of rose gold pendant lighting, textured wallpaper and a lot of ‘reflective surfaces’. The lighting and colour schemes are solid yet soft reflections of the colours of the exclusive nectar the bar is themed on.

The bar unit is the centrepiece and main attraction of the room, the colour scheme for the rest of the room is warm and luxurious with creams, golds, pinks and some greys. The aim was to support and complement, rather than distract from The Wine Room’s beautifully designed display that incorporated an exquisite antique mirror, mottled stone bar surface and kickback. The combination of their watermelon pink backdrop coupled with the custom brass work and wine pegs created a beautiful palette on which to display the bottles of champagne that are in themselves works of art.

The Champagne Bar also has its own private restroom with beautiful textured grey marble and chrome fittings, which also adds to the exclusive feel of the space.

How does one bring the feminine side into your design when creating a champagne bar?

We installed a bulkhead to lower the ceiling, to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere. The pendant lights mirror both the surrounding interiors, the display unit, the champagne flutes…as well as the exterior (as the bar is enclosed by glass walls).

The addition of the pinks and the warmer, richer colours definitely bring in a softer touch. The pinks are picked up by the cherries and golds in the scatters and vases, and this bar just exudes celebration and a sense of occasion – as though you are immersing yourself in a delectable bubble of champagne.

All the furniture was custom-made, again with ladies in mind, so we went for soft velvets in the corner sofa and ivory leather for the bar stools. The artwork, in this case of Marilyn, and the watermelon pink background to the display unit also make a strong feminine statement.

What is the most important appliance that one must have for the champagne bar?

The Wine Room’s design incorporated the Kaelo integrated wine cooler that keeps whites and champagne cool at the temperature you put them in.

The champagne bar design complements the overall interior rather than competes with it… how have you managed to achieve this?  

The entire house is curated to be an entertainment palace, so the Champagne Bar complements this strong theme, rather than competing with it in any way. It is a perfectly exclusive interior space within a home that is meant to cater for all occasions! One doesn’t need to go out to be entertained – everything is available at home. And the Champagne Bar is one of many breathtaking jewels in this crown.

Tell us more about the collaboration with the Wine Room and what products they offer that made this work.

The Wine Room were a dream to work with. The way they understood the brief and took care of the design, including the essential plumbing and electrical plans specifically for the downstairs wine cellar. Their professional, insightful and faultless management of the installation made me feel totally at ease with them. They echoed my work ethos, and their work was meticulous. They know their product well, and delivered on so much more than a sales pitch – it would be wonderful to work with them again.

What is your favourite piece of furniture in the design & why do they work so well in the space?

I like the bar chairs, but I love the sophistication of the custom made velvet couch: you can spend the entire day seated there as you have a 360 degree view of life.

Love it as much as we do? Visit Audi Snyman Interior Design and  The Wine Room for more inspiration and to make your home bar a reality.

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