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ARRCC Designs First Ever Concept Store For Fashion Brand, SPCC

Renowned creative denim brand SPCC has opened its doors to its first-ever concept store, designed by ARRCC.

A future-tech space

Focused on developing a future-tech retail experience, grounded in the SPCC brand ethos, the brief to ARRCC was exciting, yet challenging at the same time.

Having only traded to consumers in the ecommerce space, SPCC’s move to brick and mortar needed to engage the same senses and align with the appeal that has driven the brands success in the digital space. “SPCC asked us to take a brand that has flourished in a digital space for 8 years and bring it to life in the physical sense. Most brands undertake this process in the opposite direction, so the brief was relatively unique,” says ARRCC Director Jon Case.

A reimagining

The design focused on using heavy-duty industrial materials and equipment that were reimagined in a unique and creative way – reflecting the DNA of the brand in every aspect of the design.

The carefully considered array of reimagined materials has been given new life to create dynamic elements with an unmistakable utilitarian aesthetic, synonymous with the exclusive brand’s identity & irreverent approach to fashion design.

Recycled Steel, fiberglass, plastics & fabrics create robust modular display elements that are designed to have cyclical lifespans, allowing them to be reused, reimagined, refurbished, relocated & ultimately stand the test of time.

The fundamental principles of the brand itself have been echoed through the design and translated in a multitude of mediums, from physical to digital – reinforcing a multi-sensory connection to the brand & its memorable moments.

Overall, it is not just a retail space, but more like an experience that should not be missed.

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