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A Fairytale Castle Built With Clay Brick

Step into a scene from “Game of Thrones” – a castle on a hill with turrets and battlements … guarded by dragons! This is a fairytale castle built with clay brick!

Perched upon the Karbonkelberg Mountain overlooking the Hout Bay harbour is the magnificent Lichtenstein Castle. Built in 1998 as a replica of the Gothic Schloss Lichtenstein Castle in southern Germany, this private estate was the inspiration of German-born businessman Reyneir Fritz.  After visiting the original castle in his homeland, he decided it would be the perfect fantasy stately home.

Privacy was important, and Fritz identified a secluded site with spectacular views in Hout Bay. He was granted approval, and immediately began the design and construction of this magnificent ceramic clay masonry castle.

Clay Brick – built to last

“Clay brick was the ideal choice for the original medieval castle,” says Mariana Lamont, executive director of the Clay Brick Association of Southern Africa.

“Many of the world’s famous fortified palaces are built from brick because of its strength and durability. These castles were built to withstand sieges and warfare.

Clay brick structures have impressively high load-bearing capacity, high dimensional stability and compressive strength. These properties limit cracking and ensure structural integrity. It can definitely withstand cannon balls and trebuchets, never mind arrows!

And your clan is protected in comfort and style. When you don’t have heating and air conditioning, clay brick is the answer. It regulates both temperature and air humidity, brick homes maintain an interior comfort zone in both the coolest and hottest months. It doesn’t attract rodents, mould or fungi and of course it’s really quiet.

Cabrico Bricks offers a range of rustic face-bricks that complement the architectural style of the original castle in Germany that inspired it all. The natural hues and textures blend well with other buildings on the estate and the natural surroundings.

Enhancing its natural surroundings

Karbonkelberg is a small peak forming part of the Table Mountain National Park in Cape Town. The Cape Floral region of the national park is one of the richest floral regions in the world. Over 70% of the flowers are endemic to the area. For this reason Unesco awarded Table Mountain Heritage Status.

The 5-level majestic brick castle – despite being the tallest building on Karbonkelberg peak  – is in harmony with the natural hues of its mountain backdrop. The estate is surrounded by natural Fynbos.  Karbonkelberg Traverse is a favourite with experienced hikers  – and they are surprised when this hidden gem emerges from the steep outcrops.

The 17 acre estate is off the beaten track. Access is thus only by helicopter or one mountain road (bricks supplied by CBA Member Cabrico). It subsequently offers unsurpassed views over Hout Bay and Chapman’s Peak.

The romantic Castle features stone dragons, lions and gargoyles created by local artists.

Work on a tourist centre and private living quarters on the estate has commenced. Bricks used on the new build were subsequently supplied by Cabrico – their Rustic Blend solid FBA, face-bricks and Autumn Klinkers harmonise with the existing masonry.

Furthermore, the castle is a well-known hospitality venue. However, it is also achieving fame as a backdrop for fantasy and medieval dramas, fashion shoots and music videos.

Find out more information at Clay Brick and visit Cabrico

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