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A House for Essex

Five years in the making, “A House for Essex” is equal parts elegance and wonder. A magical, creative reimagining of a home by Grayson Perry, the exterior design for the house, near the picturesque village of Wrabness, was inspired by memorial chapels, follies and dachas, and sets the tone for a journey through art and narrative.

Step inside and you will find everything from a floor mosaic dedicated to the memory of the fictional character Julie Cope in the entryway to a canvas adorned with Grayson Perry’s tapestries also inspired by the character, in the living room.

The heart of the home, the living room unfolds as a gallery of narrative artistry., becoming a testament to the rare collaboration between art and architecture. For it’s here that Perry’s richly detailed storytelling blends elegantly with the architectural design of Charles Holland.

As Tapis Studio notes: “The house has a place where enthusiasm for decoration, ornament, and the potential of architecture as storytelling converged in a symbiotic dance.”

Perry introduced the fictional character early in the project, drawing inspiration from Julie’s imagined life in Essex to decorate the rooms with an eclectic mix of Arts and Crafts-inspired furniture pieces, vivid hues, ceramics, tapestries, and other artworks. 

An immersive work of art, Perry describes the house as a “negotiation with fantasy, personal taste, and the touch of modernity that Charles brought to the house,” with a compelling narrative woven into every detail of the design.



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