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A 33,000 Square Foot NYC Home By Delphine Krakoff

It’s all bigger and grander in today’s glorious 33,000 square foot home designed by Delphine Krakoff in a New York City suburb. This home boasts a sense of luxury with 24-foot ceilings, a museum-quality art collection, a private hockey arena and so much more.

Up for the challenge?

This home, located in the leafy Scarsdale suburb, just north of New York City, needed to cater for the masses. The homeowner envisioned big parties and entertainment and thus planned for large spaces for guests to mingle and enjoy life. It therefore also needed to operate on multiple levels. The plan was to accommodate stampedes of visitors and yet, in a family with three kids and two dogs, also feel like an honest-to-goodness refuge: a dwelling and a resort all in one.

The bigger the property, the more challenging the task. Not for Paris-born designer Delphine Krakoff. A passionate designer and art collector herself for many years, with her talented husband Reed, she has access to the best dealers, galleries and auction houses around the world. She can also act as a curator to build a comprehensive collection of decorative arts and design.

No small feat, the home took five years to complete. Designers worked alongside the home’s architect, Anthony Minichetti, to ensure that all aspects of the interiors were in harmony. “The rooms are enormous,” Krakoff says. “The challenge was to still make it a human scale and warm and fun.”

Pops of colour

We love that the home showcases pops of interesting colours in every room, without overdoing it. Krakoff amassed a mix of new and vintage pieces, relying on textures and hues to complement the multidimensionality of the sculptures.

For the great room, not overshadowing the art was only one of the hurdles. This was a space so large that it could even host a seated dinner for 120. “That’s like the size of a hotel ballroom,” says Krakoff, who divided the room into distinct, cosy seating areas. A very clever move indeed!

This is also quite easily the ‘fun house’ with a pro-sized hockey rink and a game room downstairs. The game room is stocked for fun with Pac-Man, pinball machines and a massive Scrabble board. How cool!





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