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Reuse, reduce and recycle at home

The environment is fragile. We need to do our very best to protect the natural world around us and we can start at home. Here are a few tips to help you reuse, reduce and recycle within your home environment and make a lasting impact on the world we live in.

With so many innovative uses for recycled tin, paper and plastic, you should not be throwing any of these valuable items away. From empty toilet rolls and egg cartons to cola cans and plastic bottles – get crafty and reuse these old items to give them new life in your home. Here are a few ideas:


  • Empty toilet rolls and egg cartons can be used as garden starter packs and a place to grow your seedlings and herbs for use at home. Completely biodegradable, these can be planted straight into the ground once your seeds start to grow.
  • There are many fun DIY ideas for reusing newspaper. Get creative and use your old newspapers, clippings and brown paper bags as innovative gift wrap solutions. You can even create your very own unique gift bags or learn to weave your old newspapers into functional pieces such as a basket or storage container. Check out the amazing recycled craft and jewellery ideas here, all made from old paper products.


  • Don’t trash all your used plastic bottles. We love the idea of an innovative vertical garden, which is very much on trend at the moment, made entirely from recycled cooldrink bottles.
  • Try your hand at creating functional plastic furniture from recycled plastic products you may have at home. Old plastic drums can be easily converted into stylish outdoor seating.
  • Reused plastic is also creating statement jewellery and the web is filled with really great ideas to inspire your own unique creations.


  • Used tins have many uses. With a quick lick of paint or paper application you can easily transform an old food tin into a plant holder, stationery tin or a place to house your kitchen utensils.
  • Bigger tins such as coffee cans and baby formula tins are great as storage solutions, as most come with a plastic lid which you can use to store small toys, pantry items or even office supplies.

Look around you. Your home is filled with goodies that may just need some innovation to recycle into something amazing. There are so many other materials besides those we mentioned above that should not be hitting our landfills. Keep an eye out for creative ways to repurpose unused glass items, cork, rubber and any old décor items that may need a new lease on life. Looking for Decor and Design Elements visit

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