Plascon House Tour: A Soulful Spanish Life

Luminous, warm, distinct… this Spanish home is filled with light and charm because the creators believe that although it is a new build, this home is an old soul immersed in tradition and natural finishes.

The choice of traditional architecture was an obvious selection in this modern home. The architects who built it, from the Lizarriturry Tuneu studio, explain that they followed the guidelines of tradition, in terms of orientation, materials, distribution… The result is a bright, comfortable and naturally heated house.

The walls are made of local stone covered with a plaster of lime and sand, which gives a magnificent clarity. If we add the ceilings painted white and the sand-coloured micro-cement of the floors, the atmosphere achieved is almost magical.  Another resource brought from the past: The exterior windows and doors have iron profiles and large glass panels. They are very light and let in light and views. And they were used 100 years ago.
With a neutral base, the house is cosy and charming, with many different textiles that add character and depth.  Natural elements such as wood, stone, linen and cotton bring a sense of warmth here. Sheer drapes add an airiness and flow in each room. From the rustic study area near an open door to the cosy lounge area with fireplace – each space is beautifully decorated in a rustic chic style, using characterful furniture to enhance the overall style of the space.
The dining room and kitchen boast a country-style charm, in homely creams, white and natural elements. Touches of greenery bring the outdoors in and gorgeous wooden ceilings add height and definition to these living areas. We love the beautiful farmhouse cabinetry in the dining area – the perfect display piece for ceramics and crockery for entertaining.
The bedroom too is light and bright in neutral shades. Doors lead to the garden and invite ample light into this calming and restful space.
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