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Plascon House Tour: An Ode to Nature In Spain

Modern open plan living and a plethora of full-length windows make today’s Spanish retreat a special place where one feels connected to the outside world. It is an ode to nature in muted tones and a contemporary setting.

Named Oxygen, this 600m2 house is all about slow living with rooms shaped like cubes that are connected horizontally by glass corridors to make us feel as though we are continually walking outdoors. A life paused with neutral colours and a respect for nature have marked the design concept of this project by designer Susanna Cots.   The living areas form a central cube in the house, divided into two halves and connected by a wall that allows visibility and the entrance of light on both sides. On one side, we find the entrance of the residence, presided by a sculpture and a small hall; in the other half, the living room has been conceived as a space for communication and without the presence of a television.   The next of the pavilions is configured by the group of four junior rooms with suites. All of them have been designed following the same concept of connection with nature and are oriented to the outside, through the windows, at the same time connecting with the interior with the glass corridors.     The kitchen is one of the independent pavilions where we see the slow seal of the Catalan interior designer through the play of straight lines with the sloping roof made of oak pickled in white that provides movement and that eternal feeling of the weekend. The space connects with the rest of the house through black glass windows that provide as much privacy as complicity between spaces. The main suite is another pavilion, located in the east wing of the house, connected by a glass vertex with an interior courtyard. This is part of the natural axis of the whole house, formed by a small ecosystem of olive trees and holm oaks that surround it on all four sides. The nature of the house deserves a special section, as it has been visually integrated into the interior of the house through the opening of small outdoor patios between pavilions. Contact: Plascon Via

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