Plascon House Tour: Norwegian Chalet

A beautiful Scandinavian interior is a perfect style to complement the beauty of the Norwegian ski slopes where we find today’s exquisite house tour. Here the outside is as much a part of the interiors, inspiring the design, flow and functionality of every room.

The Norwegian countryside is most certainly the focus of today’s house tour – here on the hillside where beautiful views and captivating settings are welcomed inside through gorgeous windows that act as picture frames to the outside spaces that envelope today’s retreat. An ode to nature, wood is the material of choice in this abode, from the walls and ceiling through to the choice of furniture of this living space. Natural elements are celebrated and we love the position of a full-length customised sofa system that extends from one wall to the next, opening up a wonderful view of the outside.

Plush textures and furs bring warmth and cosiness to this space. A seating nook looks out at the marvellous surrounds while multiple layers of scatters adorn the sofa, for added comfort that is the epitome of Scandi living.
The open plan space also incorporates an area for a modern dining table. Here a streamlined table and chairs complete the space.
The kitchen has more of a rustic appeal, fully kitted out with reclaimed wooden storage and cabinets that add character and depth to this room. We love the customised reclaimed shelving that is both visually appealing and functional in this rustic, earthy kitchen. Concrete shades, paired with the warmth of timber and an eclectic mix of kitchen equipment add to the Scandi vibe that is evident throughout this Norwegian home.
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