Plascon House Tour: A Mediterranean-inspired Holiday House

This contemporary vacation home in Formentera is a beautiful display of modern design – both inside and out. With buildings connected via patios and outside terraces, the house embodies the traditional island architecture where life is appreciated as much indoors as it is outdoors.

A breathtaking living room features a full length stone wall which gives character, presiding over a metal chimney. With two vegetable fiber lamps, there is a natural and earthy feel about this space which we adore. Ceramic and glass objects complete the relaxed yet elegantly styled interior which is a meeting point for the family in this holiday abode.

The cement mortar walls have been painted matt white to enhance the effects of natural light in the interior. The study area has been equipped with a wooden table and a chair which adds to the rustic charm of this space. Light drapes create flow and intrigue while passages lead us from one exciting interior to the next.
The kitchen is fresh and inviting with a pull towards a more vintage and rustic look. The retro-style contrasts with the white laminated finished furniture, with modern and sober lines. Vintage farm-style ceiling lamps add character here and we love that this kitchen is connected to a patio where one can enjoy the pleasant aromas and meals that will evolve from this space into the next.
The bedroom too is fresh and restful – complete with its simplicity and pops of colour that come through from glass decor and soft furnishings present on the bed. A textured rug adds warmth and colour here, and the incorporation of cement flooring continues throughout – creating harmony between all the various rooms in the house.
The outside is equally breathtaking with a stunning entertainment area, both covered and uncovered at a sparkling pool with sun loungers. The neutral colours from the interior extend into this space, with an array of scatters and a comfy outdoor couch for added relaxation.
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