Plascon House Tour: Luxury Meets Industrial Design

Industrial chic design often combines a sense of luxury living with the raw, earthiness of rustic and industrial finishes. Today’s home gets the balance just right with a wonderful industrial space styled to perfection! A mix of Mediterranean, Asian and industrial influences add to the finished look of this magnificent Portuguese retreat.

The key here is to combine unrefined and recycled materials that one would not normally associate with elegant interiors, with finishes that add a touch of chic sophistication.

In this living room, a feature wall adds interest with an oversized mirror installation that appears to be an old, rusted window frame. Raw concrete, metal beams and earthy decor completes the look here!

From the other end of the room, however, the space feels much more refined and luxurious with beautiful glass doors that lead to a lush garden setting. Whitewashed ceilings and bright open space gives this room a contemporary ambience, filled with natural light. Gorgeous linen couches add to the airiness of this space and a mix of wood, metal, glass and natural fibres works so well to add interest in this stylish abode.

And of course, what would chic look like without crystal chandeliers cascading from the ceilings! Not one but two of these beauties feature in above the industrial-styled table. The juxtaposition of crystal and raw metal; glass and wood – is exceptional here.

The bathrooms are stylish and trendy with twin sinks, double mirrors and slanted ceilings for that wow factor. Miniature crystal wall sconces add to the luxe vibe of this intimate room and we love the neutral palette and flow of this elegant space.




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