Plascon House Tour: New Heights in Amsterdam

It is most certainly the high ceilings in this Amsterdam home that first demands your attention. Tall and beautiful, with detailed crown mouldings in white, the length of the walls and high ceilings create a stately look and feel here that we simply love.

And then your eye is drawn downwards, toward an exquisite display of interior furnishings, with old and vintage pieces complemented by modern finds. A bold gilded mirror, for example, sets a regal tone in the living room. Perched above a stately fireplace, this oversized mirror is breathtaking – its sheer size alone making a real statement of class in this room. And yet, a modern cream sofa and rustic coffee table complete the look here. Stacked books, a guitar on a stand and a simple arrangement of florals on the mantel give it a more lived-in relaxed ambiance.

In the dining room, a vintage cabinet takes centre stage, displaying an array of traditional crockery and kitchenware. A matching wooden table adds warmth and depth in this white space, and again, paired with unconventional, wire dining chairs, we see the eclectic use of materials and a blend of old and new that works well to create a seamless flow in this home. And of course, a stunning white detailed ceiling cannot be ignored here – hinting at the building’s historical significance and past life.  
The kitchen on the other hand, takes on a much more modern and updated feel. Fully kitted out with all the modern amenities one would expect in a contemporary kitchen, the cabinets also ooze trendy tones of deep blue, perfectly paired with stainless steal appliances. Open shelving and an unadorned window add to the simplicity of this space.
The bedroom too has a minimalist, uncluttered feel. Subtle hints of wood add depth here. The overall feel is calm and relaxed with a bed in the centre of the room that feels like it is afloat in a neutral and tranquil environment.
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