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Plascon House Tour: A Family Home

This modern family abode in the Netherlands boasts a palette of cool shades that emit a tranquil, calm and sophisticated ambience. The perfect space for adults and children alike.

Light grey, dusty pink and charcoal give this living room the modern edge. As a family home, this space needed to cater for young and old. As such a darker sofa system is evidently a great choice – packed with scatters for added comfort and family enjoyment. We love the use of darker, moodier drapes that extend from the ceiling to the floor – a clever little trick to help the room appear larger than it is. A nifty toy box and desk in one is also incorporated into this family space and perfectly blends in with the modern look and feel of this contemporary room. Paired with a contemporary chair, this is the ideal working space for little ones, and the best part is that all the toys can be neatly hidden out of sight within the toy box, upon completion. Similarly, the dining room is chic and calming with a rustic wooden dining table as the centrepiece here. Striking metal legs add to the vintage yet industrial feel of this piece. Gorgeous golden light fittings add visual appeal while a wall display of coloured plates brings colour and depth to this room. A mix of wood and rattan chairs completes the eclectic look and feel of this space. The sheer window treatments further allow a play on light in this area – giving it definition and depth. A beautiful wall design in vibrant greenery print is very much on trend at present and creates a stunning visual backdrop to this quiet nook in this family residence. Again, the shades are calming and the use of wallpaper adds depth and definition here. A vintage black trolley is used for added decorations and a minimalist leather chair is the choice seating here, paired with a playful pouffe. Contact:Plascon Via Photo: Barbara Kieboom.Photo: Barbara Kieboom.

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