Plascon House Tour: A converted garage In Amsterdam

It is hard to believe that this character-filled home was once uninhabitable as a garage. Today it has been beautifully renovated into a family residence filled with a simplistic style and abundance of natural materials that offer a fresh design perspective.

It took the family just over two years to remodel this once dark and dingy garage into a striking and bright family retreat on view today. The use of light furnishings and neutral colour palette, along with beautiful reclaimed wooden ceilings, brings this former Amsterdam garage to life. The incorporation of skylights in the ceiling ensures an overflow of light into this renovated living room. Large glass windows and doors also work well to bring the outdoors in and make the space seem large, fresh and inviting. The use of minimalist wooden furniture and a few fun items such as a vintage wooden bicycle on display, hint at the energy of this being a loving family home.

A large family-sized dining table becomes a focal point in this home. A mix of wooden chairs adds to the bohemian charm of this area and the table itself is beautifully styled with natural elements and greenery that give it a rustic yet fresh ambiance.
The construction of a bathroom into this open plan space is fascinating – complete with open glass exterior walls that allows the bathroom to feel connected to the rest of the house and the outside world, welcomed in by striking arched windows. A designer freestanding bathtub is striking here with just enough coverage to not feel overly exposed to the rest of the house.
This is definitely a family-friendly abode, fully kitted out with a cute suspended rope swing in the middle of the interior. Although not conventional, this idea hints at the designer’s incorporation of unique elements to appease both the adults and children who live here.
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