Plascon House Tour: An Artist’s Industrial London Warehouse

Stunning open plan features within an industrial-style space forms the base of this trendy converted London warehouse. Today it is both the home and working space of an artist and his family – a place of inspiration, simplicity and energy.

This is most definitely not your conventional London townhouse. On the contrary, this contemporary industrial residence is filled with boho chic details and modern fittings that make it a homely, yet trendy space for a combined work and living environment. A raw steel staircase gives it a edgy touch, and yet a refreshing use of colour in soft drapes, and patterned rugs, add a hint of warmth to this modern abode.

We love the clever use of plywood in the wall finishing – adding subtle hints of colour and texture without overwhelming the interior design of this abode. A beautifully striking mint green open cabinet adds vintage charm here while contrasting tones of green are picked up in the industrial lighting and unmistakeable stairway leading out of the kitchen.
There is a clever use of space with carefully cordoned off areas that demarcate the kitchen from the living and work areas. The high ceilings add to the light, airiness of the space and the choice of minimalist furniture and subtle hints of colour add to the brightness and carefree nature that is so evident here.
Windows become a celebration of light – welcoming an abundance of natural lighting into this industrialised home. The overall feel is clean, uncluttered and modern with a few quirky touches. Superstitions aside, even the black cat feels at home here amid a boho chic interior.
  Contact: Plascon
Via  Photography Antoine Espinasseau for Dyvik Kahlen Architects


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