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Inspired Dining Spaces with Deborah Garth Interior Design


In contemporary houses, the dining space is increasingly becoming integrated into the living areas of the home. It has become an extension of our living space and an area where we can unwind and enjoy life and good food with our favourite people. 

With a few simple ideas, you can create an inspired dining space that your family will love. The team from Deborah Garth Interior Design are no strangers in the creation of beautiful, functional dining spaces for modern living.

Here we share a few inspired ideas to help you achieve an elegant dining room that makes a statement while retaining the functionality.

Add colour. Create a vibrant space for dining with oversized art or wallpaper on the walls of your dining room. This is a great way to bring colour, pattern and design into your space and add your personal touch.

Bring in interesting furniture items. Everything does not need to match. Mix it up with eclectic chairs and attractive consoles for added depth to your space.

Create a focal wall that will create interest and add drama to the area. Whether a wall mural or a beautiful feature space with brick, cladding and more – you can create a cosy and intimate dining area with flair with a feature wall.

Functionality is key, and space planning is essential, furniture needs to be the correct size for the space, especially dining chairs. A common mistake is to buy large, comfortable chair without realising their impact on the flow of the area.

Keep it simple. For a sleek, modern look, keep to neutral colours and minimalistic furniture. Light, airy drapes allow for light to infiltrate the room while softening the space. Roller blinds are a good alternative for ultra-modern living.

Invest in bespoke lighting. A bold chandelier or pendant is often a showstopper above a beautiful dining table. Lighting can either make or break the ambience of a space, so make sure you speak to a professional about this.

Create a smaller dining nook. If space is a problem, develop a little dining area adjacent to your kitchen. A smaller table and a few chairs may be all you need to create that safe, intimate space for your family meals.

Mixed materials offer depth and a tactile experience: Mix wood and metal, glass and stone for a truly inspired dining area that oozes style.

Whatever your choice, a professional designer is always the best investment when it comes to planning the perfect dining room. The Deborah Garth Interior Design team are always at hand to offer you expert advice and bring your dining room visions to life. They have many years of experience creating immaculate homes and spaces for luxury living.

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