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Imagenius: Reimagining The Bush – The Silvan Safari Experience

The Silvan Safari Experience is a wonderful collaboration that evokes the beauty of the environment through every little detail that has carefully been designed and crafted.

“Conceptualising the guest experience around the environment and drawing inspiration from it is my favourite thing. My 30 odd years of experience in hospitality and my crazy commitment to guest delight teamed with my deep love of the bush and clients who had total faith in me and allowed me the freedom to create something exciting made this a real JOY to create,” explains Jacqui Hunter of Imagenius Interiors –  the Interior Designer and hospitality consultant responsible for Silvan.

It is with the beauty of its environment, the privilege of its position, the very careful consideration of the elements of its makeup and the true commitment to the guest experience that the design is born. Mindfulness and consciousness is the heart of Silvan and at the heart of its design in every way.

The collaboration of talent, minds, experience, imagination and a little craziness with the proper commitment to creating that unconditional experience is Silvan.

From the energy and beauty of Gregg Brill’s Bee- Eater Swarm and the gentle rustle of his Wild Willow chandeliers to the Elements of the European bee-eater carried through to the artworks in every room – the little Bee-eater becomes a hero through the lodge. The tones of copper in its wings,  tones of teal and turquoise in its neck and deep blue tipped wings form the colour palette of the lodge.

Because the experience is so unique and so specifically Silvan- every piece throughout the lodge is bespoke, with the handcrafted element paramount. The collaboration with so many talented artists and craftsmen – from Eve at Casamento in the hand emboidered furniture, Gerhard and Anthony from ceramic Matters, Lori from Wiid, Rob Shuttleworth woven carpets, handcrochet Carpets from Limpopo, Nadia’s metal creations, exceptional artworks throughout…all brings a creative energy to Silvan that is tangible.

The magnificence of the surroundings is paramount- the team wanted to accentuate that beauty- not compete with it. There is a sense of harmony, simplicity and understated elegance throughout with naturally ultimate delicious comfort!

The experience begins with the happening upon a majestic wall of stone, and through a small entranceway, it unfolds.

“Bobo” slipper chairs and ottomans in the entrance area and the decks throughout the lodge make for low-down chill time. The feeling immediately is one of total relaxation.

Porky Hefer’s giant nest swings from the Jackalberry tree.

In the living areas the copper clad bar sets the tone with oversized daybeds for lazing, an embroidered Jackalberry couch brings the outside in. The dining rooms are set for a Modjadji feast….. with glamorous tones and splendid chandelier.

The meaning of the word “Silvan” is “Spirit of the trees” and this inspires the interior of each suite, bringing the outside in. Knobthorn, Cassia, Kierie Kalpper, Blue Ghwarrie, Tree Wisteria and Leadwood are all inspirations drawn from each consciously placed suite.

The Ansellia spa is inspired by the Ansellia Orchids as the hero and a place of peace and calmness.

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Design: Imagenius.

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