House Tour: Cirque du Sud

Far south, in the faraway land of Australia sits an eclectic, industrial style home that is filled with fun and fantastic features. This “southern circus” beckons the viewer to take a second look and is the perfect example of the ‘maximalist’ trend come to life. 

In stark contrast to the popular minimalist trend, this home is exactly the opposite- a move away from a neutral colour palette towards statement walls. A combination of haberdashery finds are seamlessly compiled in such a way that one is never overwhelmed by an object.

We love the circus-feel of this home; it is both fun and bold and not in the least bit shy. The confidence with which the homeowners embraced their unique style is admirable  and it shows.

House Tour Cirque du Sud1
House Tour Cirque du Sud2
House Tour Cirque du Sud3
House Tour Cirque du Sud4
Photography Jessie Prince for Alida and Miller


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