Discover The Many Faces Of Clay Brick With Corobrik

Feature Image:  As much as a building needs to be structurally sound and stable, it also needs to be aesthetically appealing. And the saying ‘first impressions are the most lasting,’ has never been more true with clay brick facades. You may be thinking, ‘but how can you create a really lasting impression with bricks?’ Well, if you’ve ever thought that bricks are limited to plain, boring and unimaginative finishes, then you’re in for an utter surprise! Take a look at these inspiring examples that Corobrik has prepared, and see how innovative and versatile clay brick can be when used as a construction material. Be Amazed By These Clay Brick Facades: Brickwork Displays Artful Animation
Photo credit: Parham Tagihoff The level of brickwork mastery seen here is absolutely astounding. The diverse positioning of the clay bricks, brings a degree of animation to this building material and resembles the movement of fish gills, flapping open and shut. Opposites Attract With This Clay Brick Facade
Image: The sharp opposing angles seen in this brickwork give this building a dramatic edge. Placing each new layer of brick in a reverse direction, seems to create a sort of woven finish that instantly grabs your attention with its unique texture. Brickwork Showcases Diagonal Dimension
Image: We love how the plain simple stretcher bond pattern intersects the textured squares, and works to amplify this unique brickwork by means of contrast. The aesthetic appeal of this building is certainly enhanced by the depth and dimension created by the indented clay bricks. A Wave Of Clay Bricks Engulf This Facade
Image: This clay brick façade appears to rise and fall, imitating the flow of the ocean’s waves. The rotation of brickwork tricks the eye into seeing soft curves echoes throughout.


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