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Décor Sep 7, 2020

Travel To India: An Extravagant Indore Bungalow

It’s all about luxury living in today’s bold, refined and contemporary Indore bungalow, designed by Khushalani Associates in Bicholi, India.

This large property boasts open living spaces, pristine outdoor areas including a large swimming pool, and most importantly, insulated rooms to take refuge from the harsh Indian heat.

The owner wanted a home of his dreams, which also offered functional appeal to his large family and remained Vastu compliant. Although an old Indian tradition, Vastu compliance often remains relevant to home owners today and is both a science and an art which relates to how homes are built and designed.

With nine bedrooms, this is a multi-generational home which takes careful consideration of the owner’s Indian roots. According to the designers, the bedrooms were angled towards the north, east and west, and fitted with floor-to-ceiling windows, whereas the south facade was designed with smaller openings, deeper overhangs and cavity walls to keep a comfortable temperature. Each space has been carefully designed and created with functionality and style.

At the entrance, an imposing, double-height atrium weaves a luxurious visual tapestry. A Melogranoblu chandelier, a bottle green velvet sofa, artwork-laden wall niches and a plush circular rug ooze opulence.

Modern finishes and contemporary tones are found throughout this luxury Indore bungalow. The living spaces are opulent and large – to cater for the entire family. A mix of materials – wood, upholstery, colourful art – all blend together in beautiful style here.


Due to the presence of natural and earthy tones used in the design, matching furniture works to further enhance the ambience here. Boca do Lobo‘s Infinity Console Table was the perfect match when the firm was looking for that statement piece that would add a striking effect when entering this incredible abode.

Find out more about this exciting property and its architecture here.


All furniture from Boca Do Lobo,



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