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Décor Feb 25, 2024

Studio Gae: A Blissful Bedroom Design at Project Steyn City

Step into an elegant bedroom by Studio Gae which exudes a modern and stylish ambiance. The colour palette is both soothing and sophisticated. A beautiful, blissful retreat in muted tones.

The feature wall is adorned with a floral wallpaper that reverberates a delicate balance of grey and beige, with accents that include a subtle geometric pattern or a textured look thus adding depth and intrigue. This contemporary aesthetic is likely complemented by clean lines and a minimalist approach to decoration.


Placing the velvet grey headboard against the floral backdrop exquisitely features a luxurious yet sleek design. The bed was then dressed in high-quality linens in neutral tones that echoes the colours of the wallpaper. It is flanked by modern bedside tables, each bearing simple yet elegant pendant lights with a modern design to provide ambient lighting.

The bedside tables are designed with sharp, clean lines and comprise glass and dark wood that provide a striking contrast against the lighter tones of the wallpaper.

Furthermore, the accent cushions on the bed incorporate touches of texture and patterns to tie the room’s design elements together.


The plush geometric carpet continues the theme of subtle, tactile variation, for a more modern, clean look, against a light hardwood floor that gives the space a sense of continuity and brightness.

Decorative items are kept to a minimum, such as the designer clock while focusing on quality over quantity.


The windows are dressed in a way that allows natural light to filter into the room but also provides privacy when needed. Sheer curtains paired with opaque drapes achieved this balance, with colours and materials that blend harmoniously with the rest of the room.


The overall result is a bedroom that is relaxing, and thoughtfully curated with a cohesive design that speaks to a serene and contemporary lifestyle.

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