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Décor Mar 24, 2024

Small Spaces “Looking” Larger with Sunbird Interiors

Turning a small space into one that appears larger is a design challenge that requires creativity and strategic thinking. By employing a few clever techniques from Sunbird Interiors, you can transform a cramped room into one that feels more spacious and inviting.

Colour matters

Firstly, paint the entire room the same colour. This eliminates visual boundaries and creates a seamless flow, making the space feel more expansive. While lighter colours are often recommended to reflect natural light, don’t shy away from darker hues, as they can also add depth and drama to the room.

Choose art

Next, hang oversized artwork to draw the eye and create a sense of depth. Stick to patterns in one or two colours when using wallpaper to avoid visual clutter. Reflective surfaces such as mirrors, high-gloss paint, and shiny tiles can also enhance the feeling of space by casting light and creating illusions of volume.

Look up

Drawing the eye upward with vertical lines, tall furniture, and ceiling-mounted fixtures can make the room appear taller. When selecting furniture, choose pieces that are the right scale for the space and opt for items with legs or open bases to create a sense of airiness. Avoid pushing all furniture against the walls; instead, “float” a piece or two to create breathing room.

Let the light in

Keeping sightlines open is crucial in small spaces. Maximize natural light and views by using airy window treatments and strategically placing plants near windows to blur the line between indoors and outdoors.

In conclusion, transforming a small space into one that appears larger requires thoughtful planning and attention to detail. By utilizing techniques such as unified paint colours, oversized artwork, reflective surfaces, strategic furniture placement, and open sightlines, you can create a room that feels more spacious and comfortable.

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