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Décor Jun 5, 2020

Plascon Reveals A New Look And Feel

Plascon has been transforming assets into legacies for 130 years, and now they move ahead with a new drive, purpose and a fresh new aesthetic.

A new logo

The concept for Plascon’s new logo is a vision of the future. It tells an inspiring and confident story.

The previous italic typography becomes bolder and upright, communicating confidence and leadership. The logo moves from uppercase to a more approachable sentence case with even stroke weights mimicking a brush or paint-roller, adding an extra dimension to the typography.

Photographic style

Every image will speak to the  brand story with the paint as the hero. The style is clean, African, modern and approachable.

Brand forms

The brand forms reinforce the bold, new look and become powerful pieces of equity and campaignable elements.

Colour palette

Plascon’s colour landscape has also been updated from a lighter red to a true, rich, bold red.

Plascon In-store

Consumers will experience the reinvented Plascon brand in the retail space, where they will be showcasing the new modern look. They have implemented easy to use tools that will inspire and enable consumers to navigate the category and make informed brand choices. The goal in retail is to go beyond the transaction and connect with consumers.

Plascon Digital

Plascon has re-imagined their digital landscape as a knowledge hub for consumers and an interactive paint discovery tool. They have created and upgraded online tools ensuring that they are easy to use and will add value in the consumer paint journey. Offering seamless integration of all digital platforms, customers can now access this re-imagined hib via social media, newsletters and sponsorships.


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