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Décor Nov 26, 2023

Jedanna’s Dezines

Some of the amazing things that one can do in the decor world for my JEDANNA’S DEZINES, is source beautiful things for decor.  I have found amazing material from RAGLAND FABRICS, which can be made into cushion covers, curtaining and even a soft floral bed cover.  They are typically South African with their Proteas and South African flowers printed on them.  They are as soft as silk, and are crease proof and will sew anything like a dream.  Finding new sources for my decor is imperative as new is usually very different and gives me a larger “bank” to pull from.


Jedanna’s Dezines-floral copy

Explore a curated collection at Jedanna’s Dezines for unique Christmas gifts.

You can find something that sparks your interest for Christmas and it could be at Browns Jewelers.  Jewelers of note.   If you are minimizing this year, much loved Estée Lauder perfumes are always a hit for guys and dolls.  They have an assortment for every lady or gentleman.  Buying online is easy and they describe whether a fragrance is built on the harmony of aldehydes, flowers, wood, amber and musk.  Or the cool elegance of white flowers and green notes. Or a woody fragrance with clean notes and bergamot makes for something intensely feminine.

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Another wonderland of gifts in the very reasonable price range is

JEDANNA’S DEZINES featuring this gorgeous interference colored resin ware.  A soap and cloth dish, and a dish for perfumes, and two gorgeous jars with lids for a candle or just for trinkets.  This is a set.  You turn it one way and you see silver, you turn it another way and it flashes a silver green.  This was testing my resin limits to its finest, and it turned out better than I dreamt it would.  Resin is one of my favorite forms of art and mixing the colors is astonishing.

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