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Décor Dec 18, 2021

Da Rocha Interiors: The Best Cutlery Sets For Festive Dining

The festive season is usually the time to bring out the best cutlery to impress your guests. With a gorgeous tablescape, impeccable food, and the best cutlery sets for the occasion, you’ll be all set for a wonderful holiday season. Here we share some of our favourites in luxury dining and cutlery from Da Rocha Interiors.

When it comes to sophisticated dining, nothing says refined luxury better than Herdmar – one of the biggest producers of table cutlery in the world. With recognized merits everywhere, Herdmar brings to the market a distinct philosophy of democratic design which aims to present cutlery pieces as fashion items for the table.


Inga by Herdmar boasts a flat structure with a typically geometric shape. Furthemore, Inga has as its main characteristic the timelessness of its lines. The fluidity and smoothness of the design give it an undeniable differentiator element. And yet, with a notoriously modern nature, Inga will bring a young and wild spirit to your table.


Processed on an elegant silhouette, with natural injected cork handles, NOHC subsequently carries a strong and simultaneously gentle look. This is complemented by the nobility and sophistication of its materials. Herdmar has developed this set through an innovative automatic process. It is subsequently balanced with the old craftsman knowledge, in a disruptive way.

With a remarkable balance and an ergonomic design, it gives above all, an experience of natural and distinct sensations which will stimulate even more the pleasure of each meal.


Designed by Canadian designer Charles Kay, Pompadou is inspired by a more classic style, based on Renaissance art. The Pompadour model also appears in a restyling of the basic Rocco model. It thus stands out in its essence for the weight and refinement that each piece carries to your table, This ensures, however, a perfect harmony between balance and ergonomics that Herdmar cutlery standards demand.

Bring a soulful presence to your festive celebrations this season with Herdmar and a brand of superior quality cutlery that will become a worthy heirloom in your family.

For more, shop the collection at Da Rocha Interiors.

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