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Décor Feb 23, 2024

Captivating Bowls by The Live Edge

Beautiful, captivating homeware will always have a cherished place in any home.

In the realm of home decor and tableware, there is a growing appreciation for items that not only serve a practical purpose but also add aesthetic value to our living spaces. Among these cherished items are bowls and platters, not just any bowls and platters, but those crafted from select pieces of wood, each with its unique shape and size. This approach to creating such items ensures a wide array of intriguing and visually captivating bowls and platters, each bearing the distinction of being one-of-a-kind from The Live Edge.



Individuality and precision

The beauty of these bowls and platters lies in their individuality. No two pieces are alike, making each bowl or platter a personal treasure with its story, character, and charm. The variety in shapes and sizes allows these pieces to serve multiple functions, from being a centerpiece on a dining table to holding precious trinkets or serving gourmet delights. The uniqueness of each piece adds an element of surprise and delight, offering an exclusive touch to any setting.

Craftsmanship plays a pivotal role in transforming these select pieces into exquisite bowls and platters. The artistry involved in shaping, smoothing, and finishing each piece highlights the natural beauty of the material, from the grain patterns to the color variations. This meticulous process ensures that each bowl and platter is not only visually appealing but also durable and functional, able to stand the test of time and use.

More than functional pieces

These bowls and platters transcend their utilitarian purpose, becoming works of art that enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space. They reflect a commitment to quality and a passion for creativity, embodying the beauty of nature in each carefully crafted piece. Whether displayed as a standalone piece of art or used to serve culinary creations, these bowls and platters are a testament to the beauty of handcrafted items, bringing a touch of uniqueness and elegance to any home.

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