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With naked tables and minimalist decor taking centre stage the past few years, placemats may have been relegated to the back of the cupboard by many.

Yet, this classic table decor item is now available in a huge range of styles, colours and finishes, making it perfect for contemporary table settings.

Here, the team from Yes Please, a homeware store specialising in the manufacturing of any size table runner, placemat, tablecloth or coaster, shares how to incorporate new-style placemats into modern tablescapes.

The style of your room

When selecting placemats for everyday use, think about the overall style of your kitchen or dining room – what colour or shape will compliment the space best?

For instance, the Silver Placemat Round is a great option for contemporary kitchens while the golden-hued Gold Pacemat Burst of Light is a good choice for warm country kitchens.

The theme of your event

If you are planning to decorate your table for a special occasion, choose placemats that will tie in with the theme.

Art Deco? Then what about the Gold Placemat Beams? Chic and contemporary? Then the Back Placemat Flower may be best.

The size and shape you require

Size – and shape – matter when it comes to a contemporary tabletop, so ensure that placemats are not too large and mimic the shape of the table.

For a square or rectangular table opt for Gold Placemat Square Leaves or Bronze PU Leather Runner if you have a narrow table. For round tables, Gold Placemat Woven or Sunrise are good options.


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