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The “distinct”  Winter Trends that you need to know

As the chilly winter weather descends upon us, we naturally start to look for ways to cozy up our living spaces. The dull, dryness of the winter landscape can often make us quite gloomy. But, one of the best ways to brighten up your home is by adding some lush greenery. However, finding the right plants that can survive the harsh, dry conditions of winter can be quite a task, especially in the harsh South African winter. But fear not, Distinctive Spaces offers a whole host of artificial greenery options that can spice up your home in the winter months, and will make your guests green with envy (pun intended).

First up on our list of winter trends are hanging plants. These plants are warm and trendy and can be used anywhere in your home. They draw the eye up and create a wonderfully charming atmosphere. With a variety of foliage options, Distinctive Spaces has the perfect hanging plants to suit the vibe of your space.

Gardens can exist inside too! The second trend we will be seeing a lot of this winter is atriums. These lush, partially indoor gardens are the perfect way to invite a bit of greenery and life into your home. Distinctive Spaces can help you design an awesome atrium with artificial plants that can exist in all kinds of conditions, to ensure your house is right on trend this winter season. 

Third and finally, we are loving green walls and vertical gardens this winter! What better way to create a lush, lively atmosphere than with a gorgeous green wall? Distinctive Spaces’ Instagreen products are perfect for all weather conditions and can be used in all your outdoor and indoor environments, and are sure to keep a spring in your step all winter long.

Your at-home oasis is waiting for you with Distinctive Spaces, so seize the moment and combat the winter blues with some greenery.

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