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Summer Home Makeover- Easy Decor Tips For A Cooler Living Space

Summer Home Makeover- Easy Decor Tips For A Cooler Living Space

If you have been contemplating a makeover for your living space, there isn’t a better time than now to get started with the project. With the summer in full swing, you can implement some ideas to make your home cooler by a few degrees. Moreover, this is a productive way to make the most of your time when outings are limited due to social distancing. So here are some amazing decor tips that you can use for summer home makeover, that too without spending a fortune.

Give the place a fresh coat of paint

It’s a good time to try out your painting DIY skills as it will save you money and keep you occupied as well. Opt for the lightest shades because they will make your living space look and feel cool. You may try creating an accent wall with a darker shade or textured paint. Start working room by room and you will definitely love the end result. If painting seems messy or boring, you may try experimenting with wallpaper but choose a light color and breezy print.

Declutter room by room

Making your home lighter and more spacious should be your top priority if you want it to look fresh and breezy. This is best done by decluttering and getting rid of everything that you don’t need. Whether it is clothing, kitchen appliances, or living room furniture, assess everything that you haven’t really used for the last six months (you’ll probably not use them in the future too!!). Just get them out of the house without second thoughts. You can donate them or even sell them and use the money for the makeover.

Pick some new furniture pieces

After decluttering, you will probably be left with a lot of scope for fresh decor. Picking up some new furniture pieces makes sense but opt for lightweight items that are easy to move around. Checking out the catalogue and specials of the nearest Makro store online is a good idea. And you can surely find some amazing Makro deals as well. This way, you can go ahead and shop quickly, without spending a lot of time at the store. Shopping in sales lets you save even as you spend on the home makeover.

Buy some decor accessories as well

Another thing you can do for a budget summer makeover is to pick some new decor accessories. Adding a pop of color to the living room or bedroom with some vibrant cushions can liven up space. You can also change the look by investing in some light-colored but thick curtains that keep the heat and light out. Buy light and natural linen for the bedrooms to give them a soft feel. Roll up the rugs and store them away for the season because they make the rooms look heavier during summers.

Apart from ramping up the decor, you can add some greenery to the living space. Tall indoor plants near the windows are great for blocking sunlight and freshen up the air as well. Moreover, they can actually make your rooms a notch cooler. Now that you have this complete summer makeover checklist, you can go ahead and get started!


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