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Silk By Design: Top Picks For An Interior Boost

Boost energy, productivity, design style and so much more with the latest collection from Silk By Design. These beautiful artificial greenery arrangements are even better than the real thing – and what’s more – no maintenance!

The growing range of artificial aloes and artificial succulents from Silk by Design appear realistic and fleshy. They are striking and bold in appearance and are the perfect subtle addition to any setting. These plants and greens are held in stock and available for immediate delivery.

What’s more… so many benefits…

The benefits of artificial plants are endless. This includes:

  • Cost-efficient. Artificial plants won’t require added costs like water, plant food, repotting etc.
  • Considerably reduced maintenance.
  • Get exactly what you want without the worry of abnormal plant growth, bugs, pesticides and more!
  • Enjoy wellbeing benefits like added colour and calm to your interior.
  • Avoiding issues such as plant allergies and hayfever.

The trendy, and natural-looking artificial greenery arrangements featured below are made to order by a team of passionate and skilled florists. Each item made, while based on a set design, is a unique piece of art that is sure to turn the heads of those whose path it may cross.


Shop the range at Silk by Design.


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