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Silk By Design: Tips For Choosing Faux Plants

Faux plants are a fun way to bring a vibrant and fresh look to your interior, and did we mention that these are also maintenance-free? But how do you know which plants to consider and how to best incorporate faux varieties into your home? We asked the experts from Silk By Design for input and today we’re sharing some of our favourite picks and top tips to elevate your space with faux greenery.

Quality is key

Real plants offer natural beauty and a wonderful aesthetic in interior design, and you want to capture this same ambience with faux plants. There’s something special about a room with plants. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but can also instantly uplift a mood of a space.

That’s why it is important to invest in quality faux plants that can easily match (and even surpass) the look of the real thing. You want your faux greenery to keep people guessing! Your choice of faux greenery can also bring colour and life to a room.

Style it right

Faux plants can bring renewed energy into a room, but be sure to style your space to make the most of your greenery. A bookshelf or coffee table is a great furniture item to style with a faux plant, alongside other accents and accessories. Larger potted plants, however, are perfectly fine on their own, in an entryway, or in a corner of a room. These also work wonderfully to bring height and depth to a space.

So, before making the purchase, consider placement and how you plan to style the plant and the room as a whole. You also won’t have to worry about too little light, or low moisture levels in a room. Unlike real plants, your faux plants need very little to ‘thrive’ and will do just fine in almost any interior environment.

Incorporate hard-to-care-for varieties

If you like to have some real plants in the mix then choose hard-to-care-for varieties for your faux greenery. The beauty of artificial plants is that they provide manicured beauty with serious longevity and can save you money in the long run. So why waste money on hard-to-care for plants that may whither and die, when you can get the same look with a faux plant that will stay in tip-top condition throughout the seasons?

Some difficult varieties include ferns, which are relatively hard to keep alive as they require moist shaded conditions. which isn’t necessarily where you want to display house plants, so they’re a great option to go fake with. However, there are a number of great options that can bring texture and colour to your space. These include faux plants such as fiddle-leaf figs, rubber trees, bonsai, lemon trees, jade plant, philodendron, hanging plants and more.

Go big

Make a bold statement with oversized faux plants in any room. The beauty of these babies is that you can simply dust them off to keep them looking good. You also won’t have to worry about your plants outgrowing the space! It’s all about making maximum impact for maximum drama! And you won’t have to be concerned about plants being neglected or dying!

Don’t overlook floral arrangements

Flowers are a precious gift and a wonderful way to uplift a room. The problem with real flowers? They never last as long as we hope they will! With faux flowers, you can easily create a beautiful look without the worry that your flowers will quickly fade and die. These also make wonderful gift suggestions that will live on for much longer than the real thing!

Where to buy faux plants?

Silk by Design is a local family-owned business and a market leader in quality and service in the silk flower, and more broadly, home décor industry. They distribute artificial silk flowers, artificial trees and silk flower arrangements locally as well as export into Africa, Australia, the UK, and Europe.

Silk by Design’s ability to create bespoke arrangements and floral designs for customers sets the brand apart from the competition and over the years they have worked on a number of large corporate landscaping installations, shop fronts, exhibitions, and upmarket residential interiors.

If you want to bring faux greenery into your residence, office, exhibit (and more) get in touch and visit the website at Silk by Design.

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