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Silk by Design: Botany Floral Fragrance Diffusers

Introducing BOTANY Fragrances & Floral Diffusers, a range of beautiful artificial floral arrangements paired with exquisite perfumes.

Vintage Spice

What is BOTANY?

BOTANY is a whimsical, playful and fresh brand, inspired by the rich simplicity of flowers. The BOTANY range of products centres around beautifully packaged floral diffusers and accompanying fragrances for gifting and home.

BOTANY Floral Diffusers are made primarily using high-quality real touch artificial florals, set in water like resin. This fascinating range of BOTANY Fragrances are selected and manufactured from high-quality Swiss perfumes and is intended to be sprayed directly onto the floral diffuser arrangements.

Peony Mist

BOTANY was created with your home in mind…

The scent of your home is really the first thing someone notices upon walking in the door. The fragrance of your home has become an important element of its design and essential finishing touch to any room and space. Ways to perfume your home have become increasingly important. The BOTANY floral diffuser was created to add not just scent but style to your home, as an alternative to burning or stick diffusers.

BOTANY Fragrances…

The BOTANY range currently has 3 fragrance variations.

Classic Rose, as the name suggests, is the classic rose aroma. If you can imagine a stroll through a rose garden or receiving a beautiful bouquet on valentine’s day, then you will know what we are talking about.

Signature Florals is slightly sweet yet subtle with hints of Lavender & Magnolia. Like a freshly cut bouquet, Signature Florals is delightfully romantic. Furthermore, this airy mix has a playful delicacy combining Lavender’s smooth aroma with the champagne-like sweetness of Magnolia. The floral notes, therefore, add buoyancy to this blooming aroma.

Last but by no means least, the Oriental Bouquet fragrance is a rich, warm, floral fragrance with spicy undertones, combined with fresh, woody smells of the rainforest. Furthermore, the Oriental Bouquet scent is both fascinating and powerful. A burst of this fragrance can change your mood, lift your spirits, relax your mind, set the tone, evoke a long-forgotten memory reminding you of somewhere you visited. Consequently, it can also make a house feel like your home.

Where can I buy BOTANY?

The BOTANY range is available for sale on the Silk by Design online store and from select retailers.

Classic Rose


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