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Silk By Design: 6 Ways To Decorate with Greenery

Greenery is a wonderful way to bring a fresh and creative new look to your interior. It’s a way to connect with nature and bring the outdoors in. But if you don’t have green thumbs to grow your own plants, don’t stress. Faux greenery is the way to go! We bring you six different ways to incorporate faux greenery into your home with the latest offerings available from Silk By Design.

Decorate your entryway

Create a bold focal point with greenery on a display table or console right at the entrance of your home. Not only is this a great way to welcome guests indoors, but it will also add a colourful accent to your space. Not forgetting that greenery has the power to create a sense of calm inside your home and this will set the tone right at your entrance!

Add green accents in the living room

A potted plant on an open plan shelf or coffee table. That’s all you really need to bring a little dose of colour and texture to your living room. Create a focal point on a display cabinet and remember to introduce greenery to brighten up your room. Choose earthenware or a pot that complements the look of your space and let it bring balance and freshness to your home.

Give your bathroom a decor makeover

Don’t neglect your ensuite or guest loo. In fact, this space can help set the mood of your home. For a zen-like bathroom retreat, introduce some greenery on a shelf, windowsill, or hanging basket. This will add vibrancy to even the smallest of bathrooms.

Style a shelf in your bedroom

Create drama and contrast with a feature shelf in your bedroom. Use the space to showcase your favourite decor pieces and remember to add a beautiful planter for added interest. This will make your room feel cosy and stylish at the same time.

Enhance your patio or covered stoep

If you have a space that is already connected to the outdoors, then this is the ideal spot to showcase some of your faux greenery. A large potted tree, for example, will add height and dimension to an enclosed patio. Smaller potted plants are also ideal on a tabletop.

Create a table setting

Bring nature to your dining room and create a table setting with faux greenery and artificial flowers. This will set the tone for a memorable mealtime experience together!

The best thing about faux greenery is that they have absolutely no maintenance. You won’t need to worry about keeping them alive or if you’ve not watered your precious plant in weeks! They keep their colour and shape and will be a beautiful focal point in any room – minus the maintenance!

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