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SHF: The Beauty of Going Mid-Century Modern In Your Interior

We are so in love with the spectacular colour palettes and interesting finishes and textures that present themselves in a mid-century modern design scheme. SHF refines the look with the latest trends and innovative decor now in store!

Mid-century modern is all about clean lines, gentle organic curves, a vibrant mix of materials and timeless prints that we love. It’s a no mess, no fuss sort of design era which continues to be popular and inspire many designers today.

How can you get the look at home?

Well, the main features of this style consist of a classic, understated look, with clean lines with minimal fuss.

  • Form certainly follows function in this design trend. Choose pieces that are functional to your layout.
  • Choose clean lines and an uncluttered look to achieve this style at home.
  • The shape of objects is important – look for organic designs and geometric shapes and prints. Add these in the form of rugs and soft furnishings to add to the overall style of your space.
  • Keep it simple with minimal decoration. Don’t overclutter your space with unnecessary decor. Choose quality pieces that stand out and make a real statement.
  • Mix your materials – both natural and non-traditional work together in a mid-century modern design scheme.
  • Create contrast with a mix of different materials that add texture and depth to any space.

Shop the look at SHF with striking decor to enhance a gorgeous mid-century modern look in your home. From vibrant vases and scatters in deep sea tones, wooden furniture, luxe upholstered fabrics and geometric prints.

Carefully curated to bring a designer look to your space, you can create a distinct and spectacular look with a pop of colour, innovative prints and depth of textures to bring a wow factor home!

For more visit SHF for the latest design trends and superior furniture to suit your space.

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