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Rialheim – The Sophisticated Safari Collection

Planters, plates, salad bowls and candle holders inspired by your favourite South African animals and primates! This is the latest Sophisticated Safari Ceramics collection from Rialheim.

Rialheim is a ceramic studio based in Robertson, South Africa. They proudly design and manufacture beautifully handmade products on their family farm, Clairvaux. The goal is to produce authentic items that are functional and fun whilst they explore the use of African clay and draw inspiration from the beauty of the nature that surrounds us.

“We are always inspired by the diversity of our surroundings – our people, our fauna and flora as well as our majestic animal life! Our Point of view is to always design functional pieces that can sit in any contemporary design or animal lover’s interior.” – Rialheim.

Enjoy the Sophisticated Safari Ceramics collection!

Rafiki Candle Holder

Let’s take a closer look…

Rafiki Candle Holder…

Introducing “Rafiki” Rialheim’s monkey candle holder. Let this fun yet sophisticated candle holder start a conversation around your table. You could even use him to serve snacks or keep your jewellery safe! He’s cheeky enough to do anything.

Evolution Man Bookends…

Writers & Readers of books have all been inspired by a #dreambelievefly mantra, and that’s why we believe all books are sacred and should be proudly showcased. The Rialheim #evolution man Bookends inspired by “BeingandBecoming” is an iconic piece from the #Evolution Collection.


Sitting Evolution Man

The Sitting Evolution Man takes centre stage in The Evolution Collection. He is a creative expression of “BeingandBecoming”. He represents the past, the now while sending a light into the future. He took a year to conceptualise, sculpt, construct and mould. Should he be sold out, please contact Rialheim should you wish to order him. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for manufacturing.


Hippo Salt and Pepper Set

The perfect pair to add some fun to your table, the hippo salt & pepper shakers add a touch of African sparkle to any setting and come with a diamond shaped plate to keep them together.

Huberta Bowl

The Huberta bowl was inspired by one of the most famous animals in South African history. In November 1928, Huberta left her waterhole in St Lucia Estuary in Zululand and set off on the 1 600 kilometres journey to the Eastern Cape, a journey which took 3 years.


Rhino Wall Planter Head / Tail

The Rhino wall planter was designed and sculpted before Rialheim was established 7 years ago. At the time the birth of a business was just a dream.

Designers are inspired by their surroundings, and/or the collective social landscape. The efforts in saving the African rhino’s is still the inspiration behind all these Rhino products. While the team expresses creativity through African Clay they can only hope that every time a product is sold that it further promotes the plight of rhino’s and plays a small role in their protection.

The product was designed on the philosophy that “If we plant the right seeds today, tomorrow will be better.”

For more visit Rialheim.

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